2010 A3 Quattro (alignment and chassis tuning guidance)


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Hey folks,
It's been a while but I'm back in a "MK6." I took a hiatus in the Miata world and unfortunately my little track toy was cut off and totaled. I found a somewhat clean 2010 A3 Quattro S-Line with 140k miles for roughly $6k and so far its been a great little car. I've done a fair bit of modification, but nothing horribly serious. I'm looking for guidance on how to orient my suspension as this is my first AWD/Haldex car.

Mods so far:
UM K04/DSG/Haldex
42DD downpipe w/ resonator
Solowerks S1's w/ uprated front springs (nothing to write home about, but the valving seems decent)
Injen Intake
17" Advanti Storm S1's wrapped with Pilot Sport 4s

I'm looking for suggestions on alignment settings and also sway bar variations for front and rear. With my previous GTIs I would go for a nice thick sway bar in the rear to induce a bit of lift-off oversteer, but with a Haldex system I'm not sure which approach to take. I will admit it does a great job of clawing around the corners, but it is very rolly and understeers a bit.

Feel free to throw me some suggestions.