2010 GTI MK6 6 speed manual wht/blk


Passed Driver's Ed
Hello, I'm selling my 2010 GTI white with black leather interior 6 speed manual with many upgrades see below. Both front and rear bumper covers have been replaced do to parking lot bandits bump and run. Again no damage to car just plastic bumpers cracked so I had both covers replaced. When I replaced the front bumper I also replaced the front red lip spoiler with carbon fiber and choose not to install the license plate in the center, dont like drilling holes on new plastic cover.

*******everything works and updates done*********

I forgot to add, two sets of wheels. winter set on OEM and all black niche wheels
10500 non negotiable with black wheels
ASKING 10500 negotiable with OEM with winter wheels.

All mods done by me.

  1. Front carbon fiber lip spoiler
  2. Rear carbon fiber lip spoiler
  3. Side view mirror covers carbon fiber
  4. Side view mirrors puddle lights
  5. Upgraded Timing chain tensioner
  6. Water pump
  7. Upgraded ECS Rear main seal
  8. OEM dual mass Flywheel
  9. OEM clutch disc with FX100 pressure plate
  10. throwout bearing
  11. New intake manifold
  12. PCV valve
  13. R8 coil packs/tune-up
  14. 4 new wheel bearing hubs all around
  15. Front and rear cross cut rotors and new pads
  16. Front Sway bar links
  17. Waterless coolant
  18. S3 intercooler
  19. IE (integrated engineering) stage 1 tune
  20. Remote start with gear safety no start (if car left in any gear it will NOT start) I incorporated the safety system in to the remote start.
  21. S3 Short shift kit
  22. Deautokey hid head light kit
  23. RNS315 nav with reverse camera upgrade
  24. Otul 5.1 brake fluid every 3 years
  25. Oil changes every 6K to 7K with liquy Moli oil and OEM filter
  26. KNN cold air intake
  27. New OEM radiator
  28. new audi S3 intercooler
  29. New ABS module
  30. VAGCOM mods.
  31. ABS hill hold control
  32. Auto up/down windows with keys
  33. Lights out with ignition key
  34. Dash gauge sweep
  35. Indirect Tire pressure sense with tire pressure reset tire sense reset mood kit switch in center console
  36. New auto light sense switch with sensor

PM me for any info tx.


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