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2010 GTI 2 door autobahn package front and rear leather seats for sale.

Good condition. Just bought Sparco Evo II's so I'm trying to sell my leathers!
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Interested could you please post some pictures and amount of miles. I could make a weekend trip down for a nice set of leathers.


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I will post up pictures for you all when I get a chance!! Going to pick my car up now from Piper Motorsport! Can't wait to feel out the new sparco. Keep an eye on here for pictures!

Seats have 55,000 miles on them. Back seats have been out of my car for like 25k miles... Just been sitting in storage.

The leather looks nice still :)


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Does it fit four door??? I'm interested if it does! Pics?
The problem with 2 door seats in a 4 door is the 2 door front seats have the latch to move the seats back and forth. Also, there may be sliders that are different than the 4 door, not sure on that tho


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The reason the leather looks different colors in different pictures is from the flash on my iPhone. I uploaded all the pictures I took. Some were with flash, some without. The picture where the leather looks lighter is with flash on.