2011 gti topend rattling/knocking


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Please help me figure out what’s going on with my 2.0tsi. I did the top end after a timing chain failure. New exhaust valves, tension era, guides etc etc. now after about 100 miles of break in I’m getting a terrible metallic knock/ticking in the top end towards the fuel pump/trans end on the engine. Using a stethoscope it sounds like the noise is coming from the hpfp or the pump attached to it. Or perhaps valves or lifter in that area. I replaced the oil pump (that the hpfp mounts to) but no change.
The noise has a broken pattern

not sure the to start finding it.
I tried to reproduce the noise by using only the starter to spin the motor with no coils. But the noise doesn’t occur until it’s running


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this is not my car or video....but its the exact same sound and cadence as mine is doing..... hope this helps you guys get an idea of whats going on.