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2013 Golf R buying used what to look out for


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I'm new to the forum. Moving to a Golf R after a long stint with air cooled Porsches. But starting my own business means i need a 4 door car I can park outside my house on the street in NYC.
I've seen an R at a dealer i like. I see a couple of things that bother me on the carfax. No mention of the 60k service, car has 70k miles
No mention on the carfax of a haldex service.
Is there a checklist of things to look for beyond all the usual used car things. I plan on going over the suspension, CV joints, boots, looking for leaks, and giving the car a really thorough test drive both freeway and in traffic.
Also the car has a strange white pinstripe on the side is this normal ? and can it be removed easily ?



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I would change the timing belt and water pump soon. Since its age. Also I would change the oil, Haldex fluids, cam flower is a must ASAP. The spark plug I would change Also the driveshafts harmonic balancer are know to crack on the outer side after 60k. I recently bought my second golf R mk6 with similar miles and that’s what I have done to keep her running 💪..


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I recently bought a CPO 2015 Audi A3 with 30k miles and contacted AoA to inquire about remaining AudiCare from the previous owner and found out that 2 full services were done on the car and not shown on the CarFax. In this case it's higher mileage it's possible if the person DID do the Haladex they might not have used a dealer so VWoA probably can't look it up with any certainty.

Pinstripes are not normal, dealers put them on to "snazz" up the look and make it sell to the public faster in their mind. The pinstripe looks like it's tape, not paint, and not clear coated over it. Easily removed by any detailer or can do it yourself with a Stripe Off Wheel from 3M and a cordless drill and then a good polish and buff (the clear coat and paint under the stripe will be in better shape than the paint exposed to the sun and elements, a buff will even out color and texture differences).


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Thanks very much for the detailed replies.
Can anyone give me a ballpark of the cost to change the timing belt, water pump and harmonic balancer at a decent independent


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I paid around 800-900 to do my timing belt and water pump at a legit vw shop here in socal. Not sure about the harmonic balancer price mine was done under warranty.. you can get a good deal on the part at ecs tuning.