2013 GTI APR 2+ daily/show car 63.5k original owner


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Original owner, clean title - super fun daily/show car. One enthusiast owned and maintained meticulously with all paperwork and service records.

No trades, or lowball offers

Mini part out for 13.5k:
stock steering wheel
stock vent (no p3 gauge)
stock headunit (rcd315)
stock steelies winter wheels
stock shift knob

apple carplay rcd330 unit included
p3 gauge included
BFI alcantara shift knob included
stock steering wheel
stock steelies winter wheels

forged carbon fiber steering wheel included
apple carplay unit included
p3 gauge included
BFI alcantara shift knob included
stock steelies winter wheels included

1. No I am not parting out currently, plan to sell the car built as it is.

2. BBS wheels not included in sale, although if someone wants them we can work something out.

Exterior: 9.5/10, always hand washed no dings scratches swirls chips anywhere

Interior: 9.5/10, it was mainly just me in the driver seat, never smoked in ate in no pets etc.

Tons of mods all done right, I built this car over years as a hobby and always babied it. Hate watching it sit in my garage.

List of mods I can name off the top of my head:
Apr stage 2+
42dd catless dp, cts catback (passes nys emissions/inspection)
Hs tuning clutch stage 2 clutch
DG sigma 6 short shifter
Red alcantara BFI shift knob
Evoms instake
R8 coils ngk spark plugs
Air lift 3p slam series and koni struts installed professionally
28mm rear sway bar
Newly refinished 3 piece BBS wheels new tires hardware lips powder coat center caps all oem less than 2k on setup 18x9 (winter set included)
Custom forged carbon steering wheel
Golf r oem front bumper (shaved) side skirts
Shaved hood
Custom badgeless high line grill
Osram led headlights
Oem euro led tails with rear fog light and euro switch
Rcd 330 noname with Apple CarPlay and Android
3p boost gauge track edition
Deautokey led interior lights
Led sequential turn signals (match the osram headlight sequential turn signal)
Several Vagcom coded goodies

- all maintenance records on hand from day 1, receipts for labor and parts, oil changed every 4k.

-60k service recently done: all 4 rotors, pads brake fluid changed. 2 new rear calipers and e- brake cables (oem). Carbon cleaning walnut blasted. Intake manifold replaced (dealer warranty), water pump upgraded to newest revision (dealer warranty preventative). Revised timing chain came with the car from factory (2013). New tires (with the refinished BBS), fresh alignment in OE spec (no camber or toe issues).

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Located in NY/NJ area. I'll upload some more pictures I just took this week now. Currently don't have any clean interior pictures on my phone but I do have a 1 minute video of a full walk around inside and out of the car started at idle. If you're interested in that video PM me and i'll send it your way.



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Beautiful car man!

1) Did you ever sort the "Mysterious power loss" that you wrote about back in 2017?

2) Updated miles and history since first listed?

2) What is your ask with everything listed and the BBS?


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Beautiful car man!

1) Did you ever sort the "Mysterious power loss" that you wrote about back in 2017?

2) Updated miles and history since first listed?

2) What is your ask with everything listed and the BBS?
1) Wow I completely forgot about that thread, thank you for reminding me! I replied to the thread with what the issue was in case anyone else has the same confusion as me in the future. But yes 100% resolved, looking back on that post gave me a good laugh, it was in fact the stock clutch that could not handle the added torque from the tune (not sure why I thought a stock clutch could handle the added power back then lol). I upgraded to a HS tuning high torque clutch and flashed to the APR stage 2+ high torque file and the car has been driving like a dream ever since (knock on wood).

2) Current mileage is around 64k (forget the exact mileage off the top of my head). I don't drive this as much anymore, especially not in the winters. Only thing I've done was change the oil and oil filter last week (Castrol 0W-40 fully synthetic and OEM filter), I've always changed the oil during the spring and fall, since I don't put many miles on this my 5k intervals would be long, and I prefer fresh oil before the seasons change so its been done every 3-4k miles.

3) The BBS wheels I planned on selling separately because of how much they're worth (3k), I understand not everyone is into 3 piece wheels/knows their face value so I just excluded it in total from this post. But for the sake of this post I will elaborate on them in case someone wants to purchase them with the car (which I prefer because they fit perfectly). These are custom built style 5's RC090, 3 piece converted and upsized to 18x9 and 18x9.5et low 20s. Dual drilled 5x112 and 5x120. 7 months ago I had them rebuilt and refinished professionally for 1600. 4 new tires nitto neo gens, powder coated faces, barrels, 2 new 2 inch lips for the rear, new bolts and nuts, new oem red and gold bbs center caps and valve stems/caps from BBS HQ in Georgia, custom made center waffles and hex cap from spinfab. Faces lips and barrels were ceramic coated as well. Only driven on in the spring and summer, I've put around 1500 miles on them since they've been refinished. No bends, cracks, vibrations or leaks. I would like 3k for them because thats in the range of offers I've gotten for them, (being dual drilled allows BMWs and VAG owners to bolt these directly on) but I am willing to discount them a bit and sweeten the deal for anyone who wants to purchase them with the car.

I apologize for the long replies, just trying to be as descriptive and transparent as possible