2013 MK6 GTI Stage 2 For Sale (Bay Area, CA)


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I’ve got an MK6 GTI that I am thinking of putting up for sale.

It’s got about 126k miles on it. Stage 2, Techtonics Tuning down pipe, 034 Motorsport DSG and Engine tune, Neuspeed Pflo intake, Bilstein BSS Coilovers, Rotiform wheels.

Unfortunately, someone threw away my stock down pipe, so you you’d either have to buy another DP to pass smog on CA, or live in a state where aftermarket DP’s are okay.

Some dents and scratches on the rear bumper from a fender bender. Curb rash on wheels. Sunroof stuck and not working.

Do still have stock suspension and intake. 2 keys.

If interested let me know and I can post pics. Thank you!


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im interested and will be in the Bay area 13,14,15th to buy a GTI from either a dealer or you.

I got $$ in cash to spend..