2015 WRX Discussion Thread


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There was a blue 2015 STI at a local autocross event this past weekend. It looks fresh, different and nothing special. The 18" bronze wheels add a lot more character when compared to WRXs. I believe his best run was ~.5 sec faster that mine, and that's with 200 rated tires. I was running Michelin A/S3's.


Ready to race!
thanks, its good to be back in the family. i've missed my old one ever since i sold it. now if only i can control myself and keep the power under 400 awhp this time around. lol

Ha! I feel your pain, we're in the home buying process and it's taking a lot of discipline to not spend on the new car lol.


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I was behind a new WRX today. I have to say I keep looking at the back and I see 9th-Gen. Honda Civic...


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I may end up with a STI as my second car. My wife is not happy but she knows the drill!

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Saw a new white WRX in the parking deck today. Walking around it, it didn't look that bad. Viewed from the side, the back half of the car looks OK; it doesn't really look Corolla to me, but does look like everything else these days. I was actually annoyed a bit with how front fenders/hood/cowling/windshield all fit together (or didn't). The GTI is very simple and clean looking while this has a lot of black plastic surfaces taking up the space and doesn't look well thought out. Not a deal breaker, but just something VW has figured out.

It also appeared to have a lot of legroom in the back.

I might just have to take a drive in one.


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indeed ^ they have a SHITTON of rear leg room, is probably a more technical term for it ;)


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Unless you need serious balls to the walls, an STI is not necessary. I think a WRX is perfect all around more enjoyable, especially as a DD than an STI would be. I'm having a hard time contemplating the WRX as my new ride after the GTI or I go SUV for the first time in my life...

I've been sold on Subaru since I've seen the amazing beating my sister's boyfriend puts on his Legacy and the damn thing will not die. It also went thru some of the craziest snow storms NJ has seen in a while where all the other cars were in ditches on the way to work. They are awesome all around cars.


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My brother's Legacy wagon 2.5i probably handles just as good as my GTI. Maybe a little less understeer. Certainly lots of fun even though it has no balls.

Needed a head gasket replaced at 120k. And something tells me it had a transmission job at like 70k but I don't really remember. Otherwise its been good.