2020 GTI mk8


MK8 very mehhh.

Kinda feels like when I had an iPhone 5 and every year the latest version didn't seem dramatically better to me to warrant upgrading.

Since my MK6 Autobahn is paid off I guess I should invest in a few more reasonable mods now!


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My MK6 is long ago paid for so now it's like driving a free car. I plan on doing that for a long time. It's one of my favorite cars that I've owned. When it's used up I'll cherry pick a nice MK7. Don't think I could ever get over the glass dash & all the nannies on a MK8.

I’m hoping that I can keep mine going until I can afford a TTRS. [emoji1786]

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for some reason (bmw lights aside) front end reminds me of the Beetle.. the shape is both rounder and crisper.. pass.

I'd take the MK7.5 at this point if i ever gave up my MK6 (doubtful). Like some already said.. paid for. works for me.
I don't like a digital display. They tried that in the 80's & 90's (Not VW i don't think) Buick i think had the most extensive.