2022 VW/Euro Shows in New England


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Here's to hoping 2022 brings about a robust return of such things...

Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in these shows nor do I get any sort of kickback for passing info along.

Would love to see forum members/lurkers at these shows to show off the work you have done! Some of these are really low-key get togethers, others are more competition oriented... either way they're worth checking out. I'll update this post with info as I find it. Feel free to throw ones I have missed or provide updated info for ones I have listed. Italicized shows have passed.


Dubs on Defrost: Bridgewater, CT - TBD [ LINK ]

NE Dustoff: Thompson CT - 24 April 2022 - [ LINK ]


Vacationland VAG Fair: Brunswick, Maine - 11-12 June 2022 - [ LINK ]

Wolfsgart: Essex VT - 04-07 Aug 2022 - [ LINK ]

Eurobuilt: Rutland VT - 28 August 2022- [ LINK ]

Fieldwerks - Ludlow, MA - TBD - [ LINK ] Usually in September


VolksBAHN: Moultonborough, NH - CANCELLED

German Car Day: Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline, MA - 9 October 2022- [ LINK ]

Dubs in the Trees - Barkhamstead, CT - TBD - [LINK]

New England Wrapup - Newport, RI - TBD - [LINK] usually late october
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