5 speed to 6 speed gearbox upgrade

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Hey guys

2nd thread now (on a roll today - I should be working really :word:)

Anyway - I have just had a moment. Albeit may be a stupid one, however do you think it is possible to upgrade the standard 5 speed gearbox found in 1.6 tdi's to the 6 speed one found in the 2.0 tdi's, with a recode through Vagcom?

I am thinking about this now as I am going to be remapping mine in the next few months (possibly april/may) and wondered what the implications would be. I drove my friend's 2008 2.0 TDi Passat last week on a motorway run and found the 6th Gear to be like gold when chilling at 70-80mph. Would be an amazing retrofit if possible.

Has anyone done anything like this? and if so what did it involve?

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More important than coding is will it bolt up? There may be a myriad of differences and little parts to buy. Are you talking about manual or DSG? I would be surprised if it's a straight swap. I would tell you to sell your car and get one with the transmission you want.
It is a manual 5 speed at present. I have read on another forum for a mk4 that this had been done. The only difference being that the gearbox casing was slightly bigger.

I wouldn't have thought that the parts would be majorly different. According to this post (I know it is for a mk4) it seems that there are 2 ways to do this, by changing the gearbox completely and by "modifying" it - the latter of which I do not want to do.

Is it also true that the 6 speed offers better MPG?