6 bolt / 8 bolt flywheel MK6 R Clutch discrepancy?


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Hey everyone,

I have been on the hunt hard to get a stage 2 clutch, which I have been stuck between brands and also the possible rsr DIY.

Now what I have noticed from getting quotes at local & out of province shops is that they keep quoting me on what appears to be 2014+ (mk7 gen) clutch kits: dkm, South bend.

2014+ R's appear to have a 8 bolt crank, while I believe 2010 to 2013 R's have a 6 bolt crank?

I am not sure why shops keep quoting me these, so from the kits the pressure plate, discs are the same just the flywheel is the difference?

Any input would be great just so that I'm 100% before ordering.



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Yes, Mk6 has a 6 bolt flywheel. The Mk7 clutch kit shows a different part number, too, but I'm not sure what the difference is there.