A Couple Questions About My MK6


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I'm still fairly new around here and to VAGs in general (see my other single post), but I've noticed a few things about my new-to-me MK6 GTI. Let me preface this with the fact that I know nothing else about the car other than it had some bolt-ons when I purchased it as it was from a little lot near my house and they knew nothing of it either. I've come across that it has some sort of launch control ability and being that it is a manual it definitely helps but as far as I'm aware that isn't something factory for the MK6 platform. It holds more or less 5-7 PSI when I hold the limiter at around 3500-3700 RPM. I've also noticed that in WOT pulls it gets up to 15-16 PSI, and where I live is only about 650 ft above sea level. If anyone here could give any insight or numbers to call to check my VIN for a tune that would be great, because in my research unless I am over-boosting horribly, I shouldn't be in that range. Thanks to y'all even though I mostly lurk around here for advice. P.S. I did already check the APR map switching thing from their manual online and it did not work so I'm crossing that off my list. There is an intermittent code for System Bank 1 Too Rich/Lean every once in a while, but the MIL doesnt illuminate. The MIL does illuminate during the startup gauge function check.


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It does sound like you may have a tune. Is the car otherwise stock from what you can tell? aftermarket Intake or downpipe? There is a plethora of tuning options for these cars so it could be hard to narrow down. 15-16 psi I don't imagine would be beyond stage 1. Above that you will easily see 20 +. The O2 sensor code could indicate an aftermarket downpipe throwing codes. Or just a bad sensor.. To get some idea of what tuners are out there I recommend reviewing this thread..


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Sounds like it definitely has a tune. Don’t rule APR out just yet. The car may be flashed with a single program, such as 91 or 93 octane. Program switching also wouldn’t work if it has multiple tunes, but it’s been locked with a code. Best to call APR with your VIN to check. Also, the thread JOHNDERS linked may assist you with the popular tuners you can contact with your VIN.

Good luck and welcome!