A tale of two setups


Ready to race!
Hi. I never liked the original ride height of the 2007 GTI, so I have had a lowered setup after having kept it at stock height for about 3 months.
For a year, I had the VWR springs with Autotech/Sachs monotube shocks. It was a great setup for smooth roads. The ride was such that it got progressively worse as the roads got worse. It was a very well dampened system and the only thing that made me switch is that larger bumps upset the car a good deal, only because there wasn't much suspension travel with how low it was.

With my car being more of a daily driver, I switched over to the OEM shocks with H&R OE lowering springs (0.75" drop for the 2006-07 cars, 0.2" for later cars) and the ride reminded me of my older Mazda 3 with Racing Beat springs. It's always a little rough. Even the roads that look smooth doesn't feel smooth anymore. The bigger bumps are definitely handled better, but it feels rough handling the smaller bumps.

Now I have two sets of springs (VWR and H&R OE) and two sets of shocks (OEM and Autotech). I have reached out to Autotech to see what their opinion is. I did not buy the springs that they have paired with them, as people have noted that this made the ride particularly harsh. I never though the Autotech/VWR combo to feel harsh, just very firm and composed. The new setup just feels liveable by the dint of having more suspension travel. I am wondering if the H&R springs with the Autotech is the way to go.