Acceleration Video - While Datalogging


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Was out doing some data logging, decided to put up the GoPro in a position to see the speedometer. Watch in 720p!

First pull was at 22psi

I then turned it up to 23psi for the next two runs.

I can change boost on the fly, at 1:17 you will see me hold up my handheld boost controller and turn up boost by .1 increments from 22psi to 23psi.

Looking at my logs, it seems 23psi gives me the best air/fuel ratio with my 675ml/min methanol nozzle spraying a 70/30 meth/water mixture.

Let me know what you guys think! I always liked seeing acceleration video's, so I figured I'd take one too.




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Awesome. Did you use a different WM mixture before? Or you've always used a 70/30 mix?