Airbag (steering wheel icon) and ESR light on...


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Not sure if i'm putting this in the correct section or not but here it goes...

The story is as follows:

I bought a set of MKV GTI seats today. I disconnected the battery (negative) from the car and checked it was dead, unbolted the seats, disconnected the 2 airbag connectors and removed the seats from the car.

The MKV GTI seats have exactly the same connectors, same colour, type, position etc.

I plugged in the Drivers & Passengers seats (MKV seats) and reconnected the battery, started up the car but now I'm getting a "the steering wheel icon" which I'm presuming is the Airbag icon and ESR (stability control) icon.

I double checked ALL connections (2 per seat) but still the same.

My guess is that the modules don't match up to what the ECU has programmed into it.

Can anyone help or shed some light on a solution or do I have no choice but to plug back in my inferior interior?!

Yours in desperate need!

Car spec:
Golf MKVI 2011
1.6 Diesel BMT MT 5 speed

MKV seats came from a 2008 GTI.


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The same thing happened to me when I disconnected the battery. Very simple solution all you have to do is go and drive it a few a blocks and everything should clear.



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According to the manuel the steering wheel symbol has to do with your electric assist power steering. I had this happen last time I played around with the battery. I also had my windows malfunction but the good ol' mk6 board came through as always.