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Airbag wiring harness for swap


Passed Driver's Ed
So im swapping my wheels. 2011 golf tdi to a golf R. Both 6sp, so no paddles and both are multifunction.

the R wheel required a different harness which I have below and different airbag, also pictured..not sure exactly where the black connections go and the odd piece i circled?



former GTI owner
The "odd piece" you circled goes/slides on the little pin, at the 5:00 position in your picture. It's for the horn

The other connections go to the tabs sticking up on the back of the airbag. Should hook up to the 3:00, 5:00, and 9:00 positions.


Passed Driver's Ed
Appreciate the response! I dont recall seeing a pin for it, ill check when i get home later. As far as the other black connections goes i can plug them in any order?