Alignment on 2009 1.4TSi


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Hi all

Just bought 2009 MK6 1.4Tsi 6Sp in UK ( right hand drive ). OSF tyre was very badly worn on the inside edge so took car for alignment check and was found to be out, particularly on camber. I had planned to fit a full set of new tyres as the rears were over 7 yrs old and was advised to get these fitted before alignment was setup. Took car back to performance specialist ( recommended by my existing garage ) and they've set the car up as below.

Camber -1 deg 30 min -0 deg 30 min
Castor 7 deg 20 min 7 deg 30 min
King Ping Inclination 10 12
Toe 1.5mm Toe In

Camber -2 deg 15 min -1 deg 30 min
Toe 1.5 mm Toe In

I'd asked them about adjusting the sub-frame but they said there was no need as the car drives spot on with the above - and it does seem to drive & stop very well, although possibly a little heavier on the steering than before the alignment, although that could be down to the new tyres ( Vredestein Quatrac 205/55/16 - new directional pattern, not the older Quatrac 5 design )

I'd like to know peoples thoughts on the above, esp any VW mechanics / Alignment specialists :)

Car has full VW dealer service history ( unusual for a 12 yr old car ), has std suspension and was aligned with full tank of fuel.