Alloy Sizing Help?!?!?!?


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Hey guys, just got a phonecall from the dealer, car has been built and should be with me in 2-3 weeks

Now i need to find some alloys

As you can see from pics i quite like these lot.

Problem being i cant find anyways selling the Monza's with Black inserts in Mk5/6 size, just the mk4

Plus not sure if Dotz Hanzo's witll fit as they are Size: 8.5x18 PCD: 5/112.0 Offset: 35

Anyone know where i can get Monza's with black inserts? or have any ideas on alloys to get?

Oh PS my car is Candy White :23:


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as long as the offset + adapter size make the wheel placement ok for you, i would go that route, dont compromise on ur wheel choice


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VW dealers should have the black monzas on ETKA parts list by now. Theres a couple of people on who work at dealerships who can get you a good deal on them.