Alternatives for 2DR GTI door guards?

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So since VW decided to make these parts out of that awful soft touch garbage that deteriorates in normal conditions, is there any solution to replacing these with something aftermarket?

The 4DRs are lucky in that the aftermarket is flooded with chinese remakes that are made of actual plastic. All I can find are used pieces internationally which look close to falling apart as well. Was wondering what the 2DR guys had come up with. It also seems like VW has discontinued production on these pieces, so they can't just be replaced with OEM either.



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I plan to wrap mines so it covers up the deterioration, 2doors all the way! speaking of VW doors....


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I just bought replacements for mine last Fall. See below the the passenger and drivers door part numbers. I ordered mine on VW parts from my local VW dealer and picked them up at the dealership (no shipping charges) for less than $25 each. 2 door here as well 😊

Edit: dang, it does look like they are hard to come by now but available if you look around.


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