Another VACAR Tail Lights review


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Yes, another review. It's always better to have a few people's opinion than only one to base yourself on.Heres where it all began. I ordered my lights through ED@Becautoparts with the GB. To begin with ED is awesome to deal with, prompt communication, reliable and most of all a man of his words.The lights got in Canada last Friday, and as soon as they arrived he sent me a PayPal invoice to make the payment. A few hours later I received confirmation that the lights were shipped. Wednesday, I receive the lights! That's 3 and half days to get the package, awesome turn around!

Upon receiving the package I immediatly inspected it carefully. All was in order.

Now on to installation;
I tackled the outer lights first, it's fairly easy to do, remove the carpet find the big plastic screw and remove tail light. The new one slid in perfectly, no problem at all.

I was excited to see the LED's in action so i went and turned on the lights, all was functionning properly... Except... The turn signal bulb.

Now before panicking, I said to myself, maybe it's not put in properly or something... The bulb was in the wrong way, kind of like the polarity was reversed... Anyhow, after re-inserting, I tried it out to see, ended up having a weird peachy color to it, so i swapped out my original bulbs for it.

Installation of inner lights. These took more effort to install and I was surprised it did... I also had to move them around a bit to get them to sit properly. The piece of plactic on the side has to be removed or else the light won't go in. Unlike the regular one this piece is bigger, thus why it has to be removed to put the light in. Once screwed in, the piece of plactic clips onto the light with no problem.

After completion of installation came the final test. Looking at the fitment and testing out everything.

Bulb out error came in as soon as the lights were turned on, no problem, I coded them and all went away. I used the code 43 since my car is wired with the rear fog.

As for fitment, I'm a little biased, but I blame more the car than the lights themselves. The left side sort of fits better than the right side, I tried playing around with them but not much can be done. Even by looking at my hatch I can see that it's not 100% align. The right side of the car has a bigger gap than the left. Probably one of the reason why the left side "fits' better.

Overall though I'm happy with my purchase and here are my scores out of 10 for everything in general;

Seller/communication: 10/10
Lights:8/10 (they are not perfect, but what is)
Fitment:8/10 (Like I said, I blame more the car than the lights)

And yes, I would recommend these lights for the person that doesn't mind "REPS", I saved a good amount of money to get the same look as OEM and I'm happy with it.

Updated with "cleaner car pictures"


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those pics just aint right man..... LEDs on a car that looks like that?


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I know... I should get beaten with a stick for not keeping it clean. They put some much shit on our roads its crazy. Get's dirty after 2 days.


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I know... I should get beaten with a stick for not keeping it clean. They put some much shit on our roads its crazy. Get's dirty after 2 days.

Understandable man Michigan gets pretty bad sometimes as well with all the salt and sand they put down..
You blame the car over replica taillights for improper fitment???


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iknowrite? :lol:

Yes, the hatch. The right side has a bigger gap than the left side. It's a bit of both in the end. Like I said tail lights are not 100% perfect.

Its interesting because of all the reviews I've read of these tails, the right side seems to have had fitment issues leading to one of two things... The actual mold being used for the tail-light might be off or the actual sheet metal on the body might not be perfect either. I'd like to think its the Chinese manufacturing that has an issue with their mold as they use modern laser measurement for body panels.

Interesting none-the-less.


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jesus fuck your car is clean.

in anycase, hopefully the next round of reviewers take note of tail light fitment of the OEM taillights before installing the Vacar ones.

but seriously, when was the last time you washed your car?