Anyone Ever Run Across a Golf "El Camino"?


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That's a Smyth UTE kit, I have been looking at them for a while. But we sold the MK4 TDI wagon to get the MK7 and there's no kit. Yet... :D


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Over here in UK we got the MK1 Caddy "Sport" late on in the MK1 Caddy life (basically years 1990 to 92)

Over here it was called the Rabbit Pickup, and we had it from 78-84. It was based on the US-built Golf MK1 made in Westmoreland, PA. So from 79 onward it had those hideous US-mandated rectangular headlights and massive bumpers.


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I thought you said you were leaving the forum. I think it would your only contribution if you did. All I seen lately is trolling me.
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There's a guy who's shown up to a few of the autocross events I've attended in a Jetta pickup / I don't know what the hell to call it.

All I know is that it weighed two pounds and it kicked my ass eight ways to Sunday. It was in the opposite group so I got to watch it and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

If it had traction it was amazing, but when it lost the back end it was ridiculous in the most amazing ways. I wanted to get a ride but sadly haven't gotten a chance yet.


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Someone in VT has a passat that is converted to a truck in the style of the smyth ute jetta. used to pass it all the time while headed to smuggs.


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MK5 Rabbit version was done:



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Saw this for sale last week near a place I was working,

And just something I found, why??!



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