Anyone refinish/repair their wheels?

I have a 2012 GTI rolling on a set of Bathurst wheels that I found off of Craigslist and all four wheels are in need of some kind of repair. Some have curb rash, one has a chip, and a few have light corrosion damage. I'm looking to refinish all four of them and was wondering how much something like this would cost me, or if it would be better to just hunt down another set of wheels. TIA.

** I'm also located in the South Florida area so if you know of any reputable shops that'd be a huge help **


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I had a set of wheels powder coated in a candy finish (3 stage paint) for $125 a wheel and the curb rash repair on one of the wheels was free. A 2 stage powdercoat is usually about $100 a wheel. Mounting the tires and balancing was also included in that price.


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Yeah I took my wheels to a place that specializes in wheel repair. Curb rash was $100 and for them to fix a bent or cracked wheel was $160. Local powder coat place wanted $100 a wheel if you gave them the wheel. Not sure how much the wheels cost new but it it’s worth the cost if they are pricey wheels.

Ask a local dealer who they use. Many car dealers have a mobile wheel repair shop come around to repair wheels on used cars.