Anyone with a Paint Thickness Gauge?


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out what the general paint thickness is on the rear boot lid (tailgate) of a United Grey Metallic Golf 6 GTi.

I was stupid enough to use Meguiars Ultimate compound with too many passes. Although I didn't strike through the clear coat (thank goodness), I did seem to take off a lot of the clear coat in the process. My readings on my tailgate range from 95 microns at the lowest point to about 105 microns at other places. So let's assume 95 microns across the board for my tailgate.

I've heard some guys are getting readings of about 130 microns average on their cars. If that's the case, I'm seriously surprised that I managed to NOT go through my clear coat. Now the problem is that I may experience clear coat failure any ways 6 months down the line due to UV protection I may have removed.

Best case scenario of course is that 95 microns on the boot lid isn't too far off from the norm, and that means my clear coat is still in working condition. Apparently you can safely get away with removing about 10 microns from the clear coats on our cars. (that's < 0.5 mil)