Anyone with pics of bronze wheels on a CW


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I have a candy white with the laguna wheels, I am thinking about powder coating them a dark bronze , does anyone have a candy white with bronze wheels? I have seen one picture on the forum of a cw bronze wheel most are gold and i Don't know if i want to go that bright

I went from silver to black wheels on my jeep and had nothing but regrets and would hate to spoil such a lovely laguna
.. probably should have posted this in wheels section , I am a n00b
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Here's a picture a member photo shopped on my car. Gives you a general idea at least.

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I know you guys may bash the idea but I've been super curious about putting gold wheels on my Red S-Line B8... I haven't seen any B8's with gold wheels but for some reason the thought just won't escape me... Just curious if there are any pics of a B8 with gold wheels.


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stumbled upon some gold laguns, This is foxhoundgti's looking pretty sexii now to photoshop them to a CW


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