APR Stage 2 vs Stage 2+ on TSI?

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I got flashed to APR Stage 2 today and saw the filename was APR Stage 2+ V1.2 Testpipe. What's the "+" for? I have a TSI, and was under the impression that the + for for HPFP on an FSI.

I tried to search for it, but neither google nor the forums seem to let you search for the "+" symbol, which is ridiculous!



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IIRC stg2+ refers to having all the mods you have plus an uprated intercooler



Stage 2+ was for FSI engines and indicated stage 2 with added HPFP. Stage 2+ does not apply to TSI engines.

Correct, but around here people DO use plus to indicate that they have all Ko4 supporting mods but on a Stage two.


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Ignore the file name. It really doesn't mean anything externally and is just something the EE making the file names has done since the beginning of time. All stage 2 files are label stage 2+.

From this thread: APR stage 2 plus?


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To confuse you even more, Unitronic calls the K04 tune stage 2+. waka waka waka.


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To confuse you even more, Unitronic calls the K04 tune stage 2+. waka waka waka.

lol that really IS confusing.

APR: Stage 3 - K04
AWE: K04
Uni: Stage 2+
Revo: K04

Concensus? I think not. Perhaps just saying K04 is enough.......

Because even K04 isnt enough sometimes. K04 with stock parts is not as tough as K04 will all the supporting mods? So is it Stage 1 K04? or Stage 2 K04?

Stock IHI
Stage 1 IHI
Stage 2 IHI (Downpipe + Intake)
Stage 1 K04 (OEM Parts)
Stage 2 K04 (Downpipe + Intake)
Stage 3
Stage 3+
Stage 4


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This post by Arin is exactly the info I wanted, the actual filename from APRs meaning, not what people use in their sigs. I was just surprised when I actually RTFM from APR (inorite?) and saw the 2+ I'm the file name was all. I guess I should have searched on "2 plus" and not "2+"! I had an APR IC put in at the same time, so was curious.

Thanks veedoublemee! (wow autocorrect changed veedoubleme to "vexed oubliette"?! Riiiiight. )


i call mine stage 2.5, since i have intercooler and intake supporting. even tho a real stage 2.5 is probably a KO4.

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Recently I came across the concept of 2 and 1/2 way vs 3 way speakers. I was like wtf a half a speaker? Then someone explained it.

Sounds like K04 falls in that zone. 2.5.

But it's bigger than that. Might as well call it stage e, (2.71828..... ). Then stage 3+ can be stage pi (3.14159...)



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Man this is crazy. It's almost as bad as intel's processor numbering...

Maybe we need a new code system lol... Or we could simplify it to... <=9000 or >9000