APR Stage 3 Turbo Question


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Plain simple, I want to upgrade from my APR K04 setup to stage 3. Are the new kits shipping out with GTX2863 or the common GT2860?


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No they won't upgrade. If anything they'll use that GTX turbos as an "option" or maybe call it stage 4 or something.


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for what it is worth APR recently upgraded the Stage III FSI engine kit to a GTX turbo. I'd hope/guess that they will do the same thing for the Stage III TSI engine. The Golf R (FSI) Stage III kit is GTX2867R. I hope they bring that turbo to the GTI as I would upgrade.
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Arin confirmed in the BT thread that you can get a GTX from APR but it's special order and you'll need upgraded rods.

Also if you want to go GTX you could probably buy everything you need from CTS or ATP and then get Unitronic to tune you, see U20-T's build thread for that option.