ARKYM Mk6 GTI Performance Carbon Fiber Hood


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We just released our newest collaboration with ARKYM Carbon USA and our proud to exclusively release the product! Check it out guys:

Arkym MK6 GTI Performance Carbon Fiber Hood
-Dual Side Heat Engine Bay Release Vents (Exhaust)
-Center Cold Air Recessed Vent (Intake)
-2x2 CF Weave, signature ARKYM lettering underside
-Additional Weight Savings over OEM hood
-100% Function and Fitment
-100% Made in the USA

Of course, more info in the vendor thread found HERE. :). Can't wait to see some versions painted!
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Nice and glossy as well, i have always liked scopes & vents that were formed nicely with the flow of the hood.


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That flows so smoothly! Nothing protrudes outward from the hood, it's entirely functional! I love it! There is a perfect blend! Can they be ordered (since they are made to order) without the notch? I've been dying to delete my front VW.


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not sure how i feel about it yet, but definitely needs a notchless version.

^ THIS for sure. All they did was shrink their M hood to fit our car. That hood looks incredible on the BMW's, but does not match our lines at all. I was really excited when I heard they were gunna do something with our cars, but I really wish they would have put the same thought they did into the Bimmer hood into ours, then it would have been amazing, I think.

edit: the more I look at this hood, the more I really like it. Especially when it's colormatched.
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Hm, I'll look into the non-CF version but if you're looking at company history, all Arkym "AeroRace" products are CF and up, so chances are low. If the hood didn't have the vented areas, I'd say to strongly recommend the hood pins, but there's good intake and release in this design. Can't wait to track it or better yet, get Panda over here to do some K04 track work on it!

Weight savings? They're there and if I can get my hands on a scale I'll get the delta, but by first reaction if that hood shock can raise the thing by itself and quickly, gotta be careful raising it up :).


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TOO much :S... if it were without that center opening it would have been a lot better IMO... OSIR's cf hood is the best cf hood out there..


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this thing is hawt.