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•••NEW RELEASE••• 10/1/2010 WEEKEND

Avant Garde is now releasing the M140 wheel for us to finally debut to the public and ALL SETS can ship immediately starting 10/4/2010. $899.99MSRP

NOT a pre-order while these last! Wheel and tire packages available! Contact us for special forum member packages!

Wheel details:
•Exclusively for Audi/VW
•OE Lug Bolts 100% Compatible
•Hubcentric to the vehicle (no wheel adapters or spacers ever)
•The lightest wheel of the Avant Garde collection to date, 21.4lbs/wheel
•Unique Split Finish STANDARD.

Available fitments and specs:

18x8.5 | 5x100 ET35 CB-57.1 | Silver Machined Face (MK4, GTi, Jetta)

18x8.5 | 5x112 ET45 CB-57.1 | Silver Machined Face (Audi A3, MK5, MK6 GTi ,Jetta, Passat, Rabit, EOS)

18x8.5 | 5x112 ET35 CB-66.6 | Silver Machined Face (Fitment for Audi A4, Passat B5, VW-CC)

Want to order quickly?
•Order these wheels securely through our website, here. (We also support Google Checkout for secure, easy checkout using ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS).
•Or call us directly at 1.714.881.1421 and mention GOLFMK6 for special pricing on wheels, tires, and package bundles.
•As always, we welcome PMs and E-Mail ( for customer assistance :).

Thank you for the support!

Cheers and happy weekend!
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wow, seriously? this brand is literally a replica of replicas brand. first they copied VMR 710s, which are themselves HRE reps, and now they are making replicas of Rotiforms, which are Lambo reps.


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Ouch Rotiform is getting jacked lol, but these weigh much less that the Rotiforms if I remember correctly.


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I would say that the wheel type is definitely inspired by a classic, formed to be lighter in exclusive finishes in a more common, standard 18" size. Not to mention the $300 (or more ;)) savings per wheelset. Sharp wheels for the price!


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There you have it guys, P2Spec & Avant Garde catching another CW (Mk5) doing the double take on wheels :). M140s on this side and M121s on the other side!

M140 Center Closeups!

Rear 3/4 View:

Front 3/4 View:

What do you guys think? :)


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Those are beautiful wheels. 21.4 pounds is really nice too.
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