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AWE Tuning’s Mk6 GTI Performance Catalog


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Honestly Mike, I have asked them. I know there were 2 files released, but I know it's about the fact that the f23 is hundreds of dollars less and even more than their kits they offer. It's really not even so much the tune, as you can use any ko4 file run with an mbc for safety, it's more that they try to steer you to the ko4 or play dumb or just don't get back to you at all. I

I realize this isn't your fault, but you guys do a lot of business with each other. Right now drivermotorsport gets all my tuning business, however, if they were openly selling the ots file then I and many here would consider a switch.
Not to harp on you man, because I know it seems like I do, but the information you are looking for on this "magical GIAC F23T file" has already been given.

Two people with totally different setups (intercooler, exhaust, intake, etc.) were effectively custom tuned by GIAC. A few other people tried to get tuned but if I remember correctly GIAC could not get a satisfactory tune. There were inconsistencies with the waste gate actuator pre-load settings which made boost control difficult, as well as the test cars having boost leaks, and so on.

GIAC did this tuning to explore the possibility of supporting the F23T but because of the difficulty they had, they dropped it. If they are playing stupid or avoiding answering your questions, that sucks I agree, but I remember someone saying that they weren't interested in handing out any files for F23T setups they had because it was not an OTS tune, and would potentially have major issues if treated like that. GIAC is a reputable company, and probably isn't interested in sticking their neck out for liability reasons.

Maybe Mike will give you a totally different answer, but I doubt it.

EDIT: Post from Austin @ GIAC 1-29-14:

Could just be hearsay, but there is this: (GIAC dropped the F23T for LOBA turbos)
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F23T files are not available, what they do have was generated on an individual basis and is not for general consumption; it's a liability to release.


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Any chances of getting all the image links updated in the first post of this thread where you outline all of the product offerings and info? I think it would really help with sales. Looks pretty wonky/broken right now.


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+1 for AWE customer service. Overnighting me a replacement part at no charge. That's how it's done.


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I'm in MD . Why is it that my performance dealer is saying I will fail emissions if I Do not get o2 spacer and stock file for a stage 2 flash and DP. I'm currently running a stage 1 APR. My catback is AWE. Can someone answer me . If the AWE Downpipe can be fitted on and need nothing else and still pass emissions I might as well go with AWE TBE.

Also i love my AWE CBE. But it is too quiet for me and I noticed it eliminates the DSG farts for my car unless I go WOT. Has anyone ever cut the resonator off the AWE CBE or is that a bad idea?


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Downpipe changes your emissions. Stg 2 usually turns off the o2 sensor reading. The spacer basically angles the o2 sensor such that when you run stock file, it thinks the emissions with the aftermarket dp are correct. This allows you to pass emission test.

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