Battery Drain Occurring After Android Headunit Installed


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Hey, I have a 2011 GTI and I installed an Android headunit that I purchased from ECStuning. Which is this unit,

Immediately after I installed the radio my battery has been completely flat when I go to drive my car in the morning. The install was literally plug and play. I did not have to cut and splice any wires. It just hooked up to the OEM radio wire harness. Everything else works beautifully. Bluetooth, wheel controls, speakers. But when I turn off the car I noticed the radio stayed on. So I thought “ok damn I’m just going to have to turn this damn thing off each time I get out of the car”. I could live with that. But not with the battery being drained. Does anyone have any suggestions? This stupid ass headunit didn’t come with any instructions or user Manual. Any knowledge would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


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So first of all you overpaid the radio a lot.
These tipes of Android radios are selling on Aliexpress and they often drain the battery. Try the instructions on this video :
Hope it helps.