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Best place(s) to buy engine coolant?


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I can order online and pay shipping, but wondering if Autozone, Oreilly, etc. sell approved coolant mix for the Mk6 Golf R? I am located in the USA and looking for a local distributor if possible.

Thanks for any recommendations/info. It looks like Autozone sells a premixed "PEAK" coolant made for European vehicles but want to be sure it will work properly.



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I don't think any Peak coolants are formulated for VAG cars, at least newer ones. They sell pentafrost which will work but you can get a gallon of g12/g13 on ebay for much cheaper than you would in the stores and with free shipping. Its straight coolant so you mix it.



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Peak website shows the Euro Violet and long life are compatible in 50/50 and full strength... They have a year make model search. I assume you would do a complete drain/refill.