Best Sales Pitch EVER (funny)


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Haha, I have to give this dealership some props for new approaches. "Now that's how you sell a car in a recession!". If it's a repost, well, enjoy it again lol. It does make me cringe though! Check it out, and for all the naysayers about the MK6 being a victim of budget cuts...


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The salesman who I dealt with (a big dude) did something similar, hanging on the drivers side door. Douche.


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:eek: :eek: I've got to say - I'm shocked to see that those doors held that big douche like that! :thumbsup:

Makes me wonder how they can do that and creek like the Black Pearl at the same time...


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WTF if that dude did that to my car I'd knock him the fuck out! But in all seriousness that's some funny shit!


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So how come both my doors are misaligned after 30K miles on my 2008 Jetta? I probably had some salesman jumping on my doors wide open too. Stupid head.


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Children don't even do that now-a-days,knowing the wrath that will come behind it..but interesting sales pitch :laugh:


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What a perfect podgy, prat, pig-faced pooh-head.

I had to have all four of my doors aligned and now I know why.


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This comment on the video cracked me up:
"LoL, nobody buy the red 4door GTI at Larry Roesch Volkswagen."

And just because the car can handle that kind of abuse, doesn't mean you should do it, hahah. I'd probably stay away from a car if I knew it was treated this way.


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And I've have been wondering for 10 months where the fuck all that b-pillar wind noise was coming from...