Best site to buy parts for Canadians?


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Thanks for the Bestway Autoparts tip.

Picked up 5L bottles of Liquimoly 5W30 for $54 for the Golf, they have the 5W40 as well for the same price but didn't pick any up since I'm going Castrol 5W50 for a higher miles 2.0 TSI Engine on the Tiguan. The guy says the Liquimoly prices was better before the increase in Motor oil prices, Wow!
I remember buying it for $45.00 .... yes, Liqui Moly 5W40.... 45$CAD......good times.....


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GermanOEM does not answer MY calls or MY emails, so I will not take MY money to them, idc, they lost me as a customer forever.

I have a database of part shops so it's not my loss.
I'm talking about German Parts dot CA. Different place. GermanOEM fell off the side of a cliff years ago


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You are most welcome bud!

ya.... prices were WAAAY better.... back in the days... good ol days........

wait why are you going with thicker oil? 5W50? TSI motors require 5W40..... and what mileage?
202k km now. Whenusing Castrol Edge 5W40 my early Gen1 engine burns 500-700ml over 7k-10k km oil change intervals. My last 2 oil changes I switched to Castrol Edge 5W50 and the oil consumption went down to less than 400ml over the 7500 km oil change Peroid. Essentially using only one 5 litre bottle of Castrol Edge 5W50 between both oil changes.

I really don't see why people geek out on the VW spec oil. The VW Spec is basically a Detergent additive package so you can drive to like 15k-20k km between oil changes. Is that good for the engine, I don't thing so, I change my oil way earlier than that. I may push the change interval to 10k km when we do all highway Milage but mostly the oil is changed between 7k-8k km. If I lived in the city with stop and go all the time the interval would be 5k oil change interval. It's your car, so your choice.

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