Big Ol Oil Leak - PCV related?


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Hey y'all, first time posting but have been lurking since I bought my 2011 dsg a few years back.

The first thing I did with it is replace the pcv after I got the terrible whistling noise from a bad upper diaphragm. After that, replaced old timing chain/tensionor/covers, all of that, as well as the rear main after (I believe) the bad pcv blew it out.

I thought I was out of the woods for a while and could start to spend money on fun things, but I've recently discovered a new oil leak that is causing a huge mess underneath the car. After looking under the hood I suspected pcv valve issues again as there was oil buildup around the unit and behind it. Sure enough, the green gasket inside was split and probably the source of that mess. Swapped out a new gasket,, cleaned up the area, and it looks like no new wetness there since.

Now, I thought this leak up top was somehow dripping down and ending up coating my subframe and sway bar on the passenger side, but the leak there persists after I replaced that pcv gasket. I think now I have a bad hose leading from pcv to the air intake. The connection from this hose to the pcv unit itself is Gucci, but the connection from hose to air intake is covered in grime and wetness. I suspect this is where the leak is coming from, and it is blasting stuff underneath it with oil.

I'm just confused because I'm wondering how this one bad hose can cause such a messy oil leak underneath...

Another symptom is that I can smell an oil vapor smell when idling and with the hvac system turned on with the fan blowing. I think this has to do with the oil leaking from pcv, as I have read a similar issue on the mk7 forum that was traced back to pcv and the hose in question, though I don't know how similar mk7 and mk6 pcv systems are.

Sorry for the long winded post, this has just been giving me a headache and I want to be as specific as possible the first go around. I am working with my local shop guy to diagnose this, but there is a wealth of knowledge here...


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yes same problem here just replaced upper timing cover gaskets( seriously easy without removing too much just need and open/closed 10mm wrench and 10 minutes per bottom bolts. start to finish maybe 2 hours tops. new gaskets but still leaking checking pvc next then redoing the valve cover sealant. normal oil consumption, coolant the same. bottom left passenger side lots of oil still after changing. hope you find the source sooner than later


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Just out of curiosity did you have the rear main done at a shop? and if so how much did it run you? Just found a leak on my 2013 and it's looking like a rear main


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Hi brother, no just the upper timing seal. Was going to try the cover but just a few dirty spots so no cause for concern as of now. PVC is ok as well. Have a awesome local shop but don’t know where you are. It’s the labour on this job that takes the most time to remove all the parts. Try asking your shop if you can help so next time you can do your self. For me it was the timing chain slipping that was a bit of concern. Hope this was helpful have a great weekend