BILSTEIN B4 and H&R sport springs issues


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Recently bought B4 bilsteins and H&R Sport Springs.

Previously had B8 bilsteins and super sport springs before the left front (driver) failed after 150k miles.

I wanted to go softer as im
climbing the age chart but I fear i’ve made a huge mistake and I am asking for advice. If these is a forum on this already please link me, as I could not find it.

My front fenders are basically wrecked after 1 month.

My driving style has not changed in 8 years and I am driving as if I still have the the old set up which never rubbed or caused any car issues just spinal for me.

The images are the front spring then rear spring, then fender damage, and tyre damage followed by HR website of what works on my car and then an image of the photo of the sport springs that works for the TDI and GTI.

I noticed the 29008 HA KBA 91225 fit the 2.0 GTI and 1.8 TDI for 2010 MKVI golfs according the H&R website (see image). I have a 2.5L Mkvi golf, and although multiple sites (including H&R) and the shop I went to agreed these would work, the fenders suggest other wise. Does the increased weight of the 2.5l explain this fender destruction of these softer springs despite the 0.4 inch gap increase? any advice?


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@snobrdrdan I will roll the fenders. This will be my first time doing it so I will report back. I just found it super odd that my ride height increases by half an inch and now I'm rubbin, when before I was lower but was not rubbing at all. It must be that these softer springs and softer struts have far more "flex" than before.

Thank you Kindly!


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Just roll the fenders


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Back in my mk4 days we used to use a baseball bat and peanut butter. The peanut butter helps prevent the paint from cracking


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Back in my mk4 days we used to use a baseball bat and peanut butter. The peanut butter helps prevent the paint from cracking
Coz peanut butter has peanut oil in it and that somehow helps like a wax coating allowing the paint to not crack? Ive seen the baseball bat thing. Honestly the tool is 80$. Thought about it, but I'd rather not have the accountability.


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Alright. B4 with H&R Sport Springs do not work. It’s a major downgrade. The ride is just atrocious and despite rolling my fenders professionally I still carve into my 225/40/18 Michelin tyres. Can’t even get them prorated. To go from B8 and super sport springs to this I thought would be a walk in the park. Nope.

They just don’t work together. I think the B4 need OEM or close as possible to OEM. Sport springs with a 1.5 and 1.8 inch drop don’t like B4s.

Even my guy is baffled as to why this is such a terrible combination. I go back to stock tomorrow and in the future will go back to B8 and H&R super sport springs where I NEVER rubbed or bottomed out once. So it’s not like i’m an idiot who can’t go over a ditch or bump.

To anyone thinking about this, go for a B6 with these springs or go with an OE h&r springs with a B4 strut.

My tyre is shredded so badly that the metal wiring is about to show.

Haven’t seen anyone else try this exact set up and now I know why.


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Why dont you just get coil overs and call it a day


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Why dont you just get coil overs and call it a day

Coz i’m not a huge fan. They’re great don’t get me wrong but I just don’t like how they drive. Honestly they’d be better than this hassle but in the long run, they’re missing something for me. I loved the B8s and Super Sport Springs. Friends of mine have had coils so it’s not like i’ve had a 2 minute drive. MKV and MKVI friends love theirs. They still think mine handles better though. Quality friends or great liars, idk idc.


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I am using Bilstein shocks from 4wheelonline and I do not have any worries with it because it is made to last and will provide better handling and control on and off the trails.
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