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Brands of no cat downpipes for Golf R Mk6


New member
Hello, I"m looking at buying a no cat downpipe. You can find them on eBay for $150 or so. The brands are Speedyracer and Rev9. They're all stainless steel, no aluminum. Stay away from these brands? Anything else to look for? Thanks, Ed


Drag Racing Champion
I wouldn't put one of those on my car but maybe somebody has had a good experience. I'd be afraid it wouldn't fit good or leak and then I'd have a non running car, or a pita trying to get a replacement/warranty.

You could go with 42dd or CTS


Drag Racing Champion
No problem. I used to install some pretty janky exhausts... Some would fit, some not even close... Hitting various components or the frame which required extra fab to make it work if it was even possible. That's not even taking into account the weld quality or durability.