Bumper Replacement


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I do a lot of close quarters parking, and I'm sure after a few years, my front bumper is going to be toast cosmetically... Already, with just 5k on the car some people have taken chunks out. Back bumper is faring better as I use a Bumper Bully (gauche, I know.)

If, in a few years, I want to replace the bumper or get it repainted, how much would this cost approx? Or is there a better/different front bumper I can put on? For cosmetic purposes, do you replace the entire bumper, or is it just a bumper cover.

Thanks for entertaining the n00b question.


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I just had a quote for a oem front bumper cover (No inserts just the cover) straight from VW and painted by a local was $750...just use that as a bench mark, but YMMV


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I haven't gotten a quote, but I did have my bumper painted at one time. It was about $100 in paint and maybe an hour's labor for just painting. There's a LOT of work to take the bumper off the car and get it separated from the grills and fog lights, though. I bet that with all that work, you're looking at 4 hours of labor for just a repainting.