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Buying My First GTI (2011)


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Hey guys,

I am looking at buying my first GTI and I have been spending forever trying to get one that fits what I am looking for. I've gone back and forth between Mk6s and 7s but decided to go used to save some money since this is one of my first bought cars. I was looking at new due to the piece of mind for maintenance and for the lighting package

I found a 2011 CSG Sunroof and Nav DSG and got a quote for what I think is a great price but I am weary because it seems like too good of a deal! I do get the Bi-Xenon Adapative Headlights (do they come with all nav mk6s?) which I am pumped about.

It has 54k miles and is $14,300. It was involved in a rear end accident (but said airbags didn't deploy). It looks like it was fantastically maintained (serviced every 10k and 3 out of 5 at VW dealerships) and the DSG fluid looks like it was changed at 40k.


I am still going to take it to a mechanic before I buy, just to make sure there were no alignment problems from the accident and that is really my biggest concern. But, what do you guys think of the deal. I am excited to drive and buy a GTI so I am hoping it checks out so I can drive it home!

Thanks for any input!


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With those specs it doesn't seem like "too good a deal"; it's within price range.
I would take it to VW to confirm the accident didn't affect frame and repairs were made to spec. Also, I would check if any mods where performed on the car, that could be considered value add. Finally, I would find out if any of the well reported issues with the car have been fixed: water pump, manifold, etc.. These aren't a big deal when the car is under warranty but a pita when out of pocket.


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That seems like a terrible deal if you ask me. Aren't 11's going for like 10 grand these days? I know last time I checked book value on my car, granted it has double the miles as the one you are looking at, it was like $8000 in good condition...


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I bought my 2011 for 14k with 38k miles. Came with touch screen, auto starter, tinted windows and some other stuff. I love it but like stated above just get the frame checked out.


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I just picked up a certified 2013 mk6 base GTI w/ carfax for $14,600 with 49k miles.

I was you, I'd keep looking. I waited 3 months to find the right one at the right price.


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I paid nearly 13 for my 11 gti 6 speed with 90k, Started off at 10.5, but factoring in taxes, tires, carb cleaning it got up there, wish I sorta waited but love my car, I would aleast have VW do a full inspection on the car, its around 100 bucks plus tax.


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I'd honestly pass. There are too many other cars out there with no accident damage (and lower miles) that $14,300 sounds like a pretty high number to me. Obviously I don't know your budget/restrictions, but my preference would always be to spend another few thousand and get a clean car, especially if you're planning on keeping it for awhile. This is personal preference, as not only will it decrease resale value moving forward, but after an accident no car is ever 100% right IMO.

For the record, all Driver's Edition, Autobahn, and Sunroof + Nav MK6s came with bi-xenons, but only 2012 and up have the integrated LEDs.

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14.3k is high for a car with an accident. Nothing wrong with accidents but accident damage tends to lower values, and it should on these cars as they don't really hold their value.

I bought my 2010 GTI in March for 11k. 6 speed, 58k Miles Autobahn package (leather, bi-xeon lights, sun roof, touch screen radio, premium sound). Single owner all dealer maintained.

You can find a good deal, don't be afraid to low ball people. Just be reasonable.


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When did this happen? You can get brand new MK7's for 22K

About 4 months ago...apparently I didn't get a good deal them. Oh well. I'm happy with it, fits in my budget and I've wanted a MK6 for a while

Is a low mileage single owner car that I got from a reputable VW dealer.


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Depends on equipment level though. I could see an Autobahn/Driver's Edition car going in the low 20's vs. a new base MK7.


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MK7 is newer but I have mixed emotions about Mexico cars built at minimum wage. MK6 FTW
makes no difference the robots making/putting together your gti don't know if they are in Mexico or Germany. Same quality control whether it's Germany or Mexico.


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On another note, I bought my brand new showroom floor 2014 in August of 2014 for 24k. Had 7 miles on it from my test drive. So I don't believe that 14.3k for gti with 50k and an accident is a good price that just my 2 cent.