Car Got Broken Into, Left With a Right Mess.


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So just over a week ago my car got broken into and they've left a right mess with the wiring and the car is completely undrivable at the moment.

I bought a new Ignition and lock kit from someone breaking a car last week and swapped over the key blades on my keys, which I thought would work.
The problem is when my mechanic went to install the new ignition he said he's missing a wire but isn't very clear on which one, but as I have been researching this I have noticed that the thieves must have taken my Steering Wheel Control Module as it's just not there? Can I use any Steering Wheel Control Module with this? It's a 1.6 TDi DSG.

Is there anything else which I would need? Is there like a wiring kit I can buy for the stuff under the steering wheel? I just need to get back on the road asap.

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The pop up headlights were also flipped open, and I'm not sure how they did it since the ignition was fully clicked off and the battery was disconnected.

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