Car no start.. Starter relay existance?


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Hi Everyone. Just trying to understand if the GTI MK6 2010 has a starter relay? The car has a new battery but when i turned the ignition on after a 30 minutes ride and 20 minutes stop, the car just did not start not a click however the board was well illuminated. I had a message ( something .. service now) .. I thought the starter is the culprit so gave it a few knocks with an iron stick but nothing.. waited a few minutes then gave it again a few knocks and the car started as good as always.. Trying to narrow the issue a to a starter going bad, a bad starter relay which I am not able to find on the car.. My car has 2 relays R1 and R2 both numbered 100... or a bad ignition key slot .. No faults were recorded as per my OBD2 scanner and fault reader... Any ideas on how to tackle the issue? dont want to invest in a new starter if its not the culprit.. Thanks