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Car overheats

Hi guys,

I have a GTI 2013 in Phoenix. I've been having a bunch of issues lately. The most pressing one right now is that the car overheats if I leave it on while parked or if I rev the engine up high while driving. I noticed that the small fan isn't turned on at any point when when I park the car. The coolant level is fine. The A/C also isnt working at its best. Takes about 10 minutes to start, if the car is standing the A/C wont blow cold air. I have to be driving for the A/C to work basically. I am in Phoenix and it does get really hot here. It was 118 degrees today! Any idea of what would be the best point to start?

Secondly, I've been getting code P0442, P0455 and P0456. The gas cap light first came on and a day later the check engine light came on. I just replaced the gas cap so I'll see how that goes after clearing the codes. I did have troubles sometimes filling gas at the station. The nozzle would just keep shutting off by itself even when the tank was empty if that helps diagnosing. Any thoughts?

Any suggestions are appreciated :)


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I would bet it's your fan, that is why ac isnt as cold as it's not sucking air only when driving. I usually test a fan by taking it out and sticking 12v directly to it from the battery. If fan kicks on it's not the issue and look elsewhere.


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Is the small fan specifically for the AC only?
Those two fans are for coolant radiator, intercooler, and ac condenser. Theyre all sandwiched together. When the front one, IIRC, is the condenser it gets hit with road debris the most. This will bend the fins and start restricting air flow. The radiator is last which is maybe why you're overheating.
Thank you everyone! Problem seems to have been resolved! Tried another fan without actually installing it all the way and both the fans turned on so I knew it wasn't the control system but the fans itself. Replaced the fans today and the AC seems to be working a lot better! Will test it in the afternoon as well after a hot sunny day. If you don't hear back from me, it was resolved without recurring!