car wax that dries non-white? (white is impossible to see on white GTI)


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I love waxing my car, but...the car waxes I've tried dry to a white color that is identical to the Candy White on my 2014 GTI.
So I'm always paranoid I've missed a spot and the excess unscrubbed off wax will cook into the paint when I park in the sun.

Any suggestions for a wax which dries to a non-white color?


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i have never heard of such a thing... but then again there was that point in time where they made purple and green ketchup so there just might be something out there.


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He's probably using the term wax in the generic sense.
i will say that mother's ceramic CMX is definitely not the ceramic coating of choice then. hybrid solutions ceramic or adam's are good and both dry clear. P&S bead maker is also good and dries clear.


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Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine and you'll never wax again.