Celebrating Thanksgiving one? What are you gonna do?

GTI Jake

Autocross Champion
I have a nice ten day paid vacation from my aviation job so my in-laws (who are awesome btw, not the typical eye roll there) are coming for the first half and my dad for the second half.

I’ll be doing a hot sauce infused deep fried turkey so of course there will be beers or possibly some Jack while supervising the bird. If it’s nice out we’ll set up the bounce house for our kids, but unfortunately none of their cousins will be around.

My birthday falls on thanksgiving this year so that’s a plus and a minus since I’ll be 30. Our daughters birthday is right after mine so a trip to Great Wolf lodge or maybe just a local hotel with a pool is on the potential list of things to do if it’s too cold for hiking (we have some good parks in just about every direction). Also looking at one last trip to the Zoo so plenty of options.

To wrap up the vacation I’ve contacted about about a dozen people for a organized trip to the Back of the Dragon, which I’m leaning towards December 3rd for. The wife wasn’t in a good mood when I brought it up so it’s not finalized yet, but I’m hoping she’ll be ready to get me out of the house by the end 😂