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Just wondering guys/gals where does the control for the central locking come from? Direct from the ECU? Or via another module?

I have an electrical problem with the instrument cluster, which I’ve been told I need a new one to fix. The only other thing that happens not related ( to my mind ) to the instrument cluster is the central locking tries to unlock when the fault occurs. “Fine” I thought, maybe the fault in the dash could cause that too.

Last night when I was checking some connections to make sure they were okay, and when I had the instrument cluster disconnected, the fault happened again. Although obviously this time I couldn’t see it happening on the cluster, the central locking was trying to unlock again.

Before I order a new instrument cluster, is there anything else between the ECU and instrument cluster that could have a fault. Someone mentioned something called a Canbus gateway or module - I have no idea what this is specifically, other than a comms module between the ECU and instrument cluster?

Naive non-mechical brain here thinking why would a ‘faulty’ disconnected instrument cluster sat on the passenger seat, still cause the central locking to fault?

Thanks for your time.
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