Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT


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Asking customers to pay before any r&d takes place is asinine. That's not how product sales work.

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In general, you are correct, however, I'm not sure how your statement applies to us because:

1) We were approached by the community to make a rear LSD
2) One of the members sent us an entire rear end to take apart and do research on
3) We done all of the research, and know exactly how to make an LSD and how to make it work
4) We didn't ask a SINGLE PERSON for money up front to do this R&D work (we never would, never will)
5) Only AFTER we done all this R&D work did we start the group buy/pre-order, and ask for deposits
6) AFTER we done this, Wavetrac and the other company decided to give it a try, telling everyone we are Chinese junk and can't do it
7) Everyone ditched us and joined the Wavetrac group buy, PAYING them deposits
8) Wavetrac failed to do as promised, but still KEPT the deposits

So, what I am trying to say is:

1) We never have asked, and never will ask, customers for deposits BEFORE R&D work takes place
2) We only ask for deposits when production is ready to start
3) If we don't get the required min. number of deposits, then we will cancel the project and refund all the deposits


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Wavetrac makes an LSD. Not sure why you keep saying they didn’t deliver when clearly they did. :iono:

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MFactory, do we need to sign up on a list or is an email to you sufficient for compiling the list of interested customers.

How many people are on the list at this point. (No worries if you can’t answer that question right now.)


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1 or 2 at the moment.

If people are genuinely interested, please PM me, and from that, I can see if it's worthwhile starting a proper sales thread :)


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So I guess we're dead in the water here?

Looks like it, I'm in the middle of selling my house and getting an R next month and would be down for this, but seems like there's not enough interest.


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anyone know what the current diff in the car is? is it just a typical clutch type diff, or is it open?


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If you are interested in the Rear Diff, please PM MFactory directly with how many you would want. I know we are close to the number need to do the group buy.