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ChiChat17: Boosted Learns How To Cook

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the dealer markup was bad for the hellcat. i can only imagine what they will ull for Supras.
bingo^ nailed it
*throws chair*
(catches chair) (grabs popcorn) (sits down on chair)
#SamHarris #RichardDawkins
Did I mention the weather? :iono:
( lights incense )

DSGHey is better than manuals :iono:
well obviously yes
an oldie but a goodie. Its right up there with politics^
may be even worse actually
It’s what I say when the pot calls the kettle black iono

Lol lol lol
why you bringing color into this?

that just sounds like a racist joke :iono: lol
first thing i thought too, ive never heard that saying tbh

if we took a poll on kettle corn i bet it'd be 50/50 on people who like it


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oh wow, moved to Texas. Now loves the weather and is racist. Probably carries a gun now too. #MakesSense #HesNotInAustinSoYeah


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87 here. I have a pool in my back yard and one at the multiple LA fitness gyms I can patronize in the area.

Game, set, match.


track sl00t
god damnit I just multi quoted 3 pages of fuckery here and when I hit reply the screen refreshed and none of it went through.

I am mad now.


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