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When I used to smoke cigarettes I would buy pink lighters so my guy friends didn't steal them.
I would buy white lighters so no one would steal them lol


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One of my StreamLights is pink. The tool guy was like what color do you want? I said shiiieett get me a pink one or something so I don't lose it. He showed up a couple weeks later with a breast cancer awareness Strion and told me I had to buy it since that's what I asked for lmao. I wondered if anybody ever questioned why I had it but nobody ever said anything haha
I use to wear pink Chuck Taylors for skating way back when.


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I was really into skateboarding. I did end up being able to land a kick flip. I'd go back and forth between skateboarding, BMX and inline skating. Motocross at one point and paintball.


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We got this other salesman at work, idk wtf has gotten into him lately, but he spends most of his day watching toxic masculinity shit on youtube. Yesterday he was listening to some guy going off about sensitive men talking about how sensitive men are the type of people that buy a subscription to hand lotion and that's not what women want. It's often about how to be the alpha male and how to avoid alpha females or how to deal with them. It's constantly making men out to be the victim for womens (or feminists) actions. Another one of the things he was listening to yesterday gave a trigger/offensive warning twice within about a minute, warning people to turn it off now if you're easily offended, but I don't think what he said was offensive, just stupid.

He used to listen to nothing but older rock music from like the 70s and 80s...I miss those days.
i think you know what you need to get him for christmas


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LOL so true. I bet he uses the term "soy boy" a lot. the love that one.
So there is a poke bowlplace we get at work on weekends sometimes. one my my male coworkers is vegan, super cool about it, and he ordered a specialty bowl called "Soy Joy". but he thought it was called Soy Boy, and not sure if he knew the term was.... derogatory? we laughed about it when i told him the gist of what it meant.


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My cousins ex husband used to yell at his 3-4 year old son for putting on his moms shoes. You are boy what are you doing? Come on really? What you think that is going to make him gay or something?

My daughter wanted to paint my finger nails. She picked all of the colors and did all my nails. My son felt left out so I let him paint my toe nails and she did his toe nails lol.

October is breast cancer month. We have a women who sells shirts to raise money as she is a survivor. I am one of the only people in maintenance that buys a shirt and wears it every Friday. The old guys give me a hard time. They are "joking" but if you ask them to wear one and they will tell you no because it's pink. Do colors change you or something? It's certainly not my first choice in colors but it's for a good cause and to show your support for our co-worker and others.

Old school mentality, shut up be a man.

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I make duct tape wallets. Before I got the GTI (I made one to match the car), I sported a hot pink one for a while. I loved it.
We have to wear safety vests at work. The production manager handed one of my coworkers (a petite woman) a safety vest with hot pink accents.
Phur: "Sweet! Can I have one?"
Manager: "Are you serious?"
Phur: "Hells yeah! I'll rock that shit!"
Manager: "They only come in small."
Phur: "I can fit into a small!"
Manager: "There are more in the main lab."

I miss the lab.
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