ChiChat19: The DeadZone presents: Who's still here?


track sl00t
Trailer for...... towing the car?

Dunno if I'd want a Tacoma for car towing duty if that's the case. Last Tacoma I drove was gutless....


First time eh?
Yeah, I know it won't have any balls when the trailer and car is loaded but oh well. I'll be way under the max towing capacity of 6500, loaded the trailer will weigh about 4600.


track sl00t
In other news... racekar sold. Deposited the check today. I wouldn't exactly say "good riddance" as the car was finally fully sorted by the end of last fall when I figured out the spring rates. Car finally drove really nice and was starting to get dialed in. But I don't think I'll really miss it much. Took a reasonable beating on it financially... lesson learned.

Autocross on Saturday that I forgot I signed up and paid for, months ago. Guess I'll use the Diesel SUV unless I can sucker the dealer into giving me a stop-sale car to use for the weekend......
Damn, gt4 inbound or?


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