ChiChat19: TLDR Everyone's Back Hurts


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Can you really tell the difference between fresh laid and store bought eggs? people on cooking shows always raving about how much better fresh laid eggs are - what is different about them :iono:
Used to work with a guy that had a small "farm." Never tried them myself but they said the yolk looks different too. Not a big egg eater so I couldn't tell you what the taste difference is.


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My parents never got any stimulus/check and they didn't have a banking account linked with the IRS. They're both retired... They got a debit card in the mail with 2400 loaded on it. Should have maybe done that for everyone, then you're forced to spend it/get car mods. Funny thing tho, they just bought a new refrigerator the day before it came.


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Is there a 30 day return policy on the fridge? Would be a PITA to send it back if it's already been delivered and in service.